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Jack’s work that everyone in the scientific community treats Neanderthals as real humans nowadays. Jack Cuozzo decided he wanted to study more about the “cave men” of Europe.He was able to gather some radiography equipment, contact the museums in Europe that house the skulls of these ancient people, and gather his young family to help him out. Jack was honest and responsible working with the museums.When algae die, they drift to the ocean floor, their bodies becoming one with the seabed’s muck. And when geochemists and biologists drill down into the seabed and pull up long, black cores that reflect hundreds or thousands of years of accumulation, they find the living descendants of the original bacterial internees.This algal rain falls constantly, and as layers of organic matter build up over the years, they bury the bacteria that grow on the seabed. How do the microbes manage to stay alive down there?

See full summary » Jim Gaffigan does it again with his new stand-up Mr. Gaffigan jumps from topic to topic joking around with a varied number of topics.You’d have to be, to live like them: “There’s very little energy available when you have to continue eating from the same lunch box” for thousands of years, he says.“It is one of the most energy-limited environments on our planet.” But it has been difficult to study the microbes’ biology, because they will not grow in a Petri dish.Now, those stories are just the opening chapters of the book.Comedian Aziz Ansari presents his highly anticipated, hour-long debut stand-up special.Some of the topics included are Mc Donalds, family, Disney World, and much more.