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A projectile point injury hinted at foul play, but the crime wasn’t murder—this dead man passed away more than nine millennia ago.The rancorous legal fight instead was over whether scientists could study his bones or whether they should be reburied as sacred ancestral remains of today’s native peoples.Chatters returned to the site and dug up the rest of the skeleton unleashing a blistering battle among competing interests that rages to this day. He didnt look like a Native American, and carbon dating of a fragment of metacarpal bone said he lived 8,340 to 9,200 years ago.

Estimated to be more than 9,000 years old, the Kennewick skeleton is one of the oldest, most complete specimens ever found in North America.They give us a glimpse into the lives of our earliest predecessors on this continent.To bury them without learning all they have to teach us is to deny all of humanity access to the fullness of the human story. At the eleventh hour, after exhausting all other options, a group of eight prominent archaeologists and anthropologists filed suit in federal court to stop the repatriation and to be granted the right to study the of Ancient Encounters: Kennewick Man and the First Americans Q. After first examining the skull, and assuming that the skull was fairly recent, I thought he was someone of European ancestry. What made you suspect that this first impression might be wrong? The day after the discovery I was cleaning soil from the skeleton and saw a gray object, which turned out to be a stone spear-point, healed inside the pelvis. It was a mixture of exhilaration and disappointment. The government ordered me to stop all studies just a few days after the dating results were announced, and then the Coroner came for the bones. Here I had been given an opportunity to tell the story of someone from long ago -- to share his life with present and future generations of Americans -- and I had so much left to do, so many questions left unanswered. Despite having the Kennewick Man skeleton taken away so quickly, you were able to learn a lot in the short time you had the bones. His chest heaved in and out as he breathed, and the old wound in his hip would erupt every so often and bleed pus down the back of his leg. One of the most frightening aspects was when the Corps of Engineers fingered me when they discovered, more than a year after taking possession of the skeleton, that some large bones were missing. I do not believe that their claim for Kennewick Man is valid.When you were called in to investigate the skeleton now known as Kennewick Man, what was your first impression? This impression was reinforced when I went to the discovery site and saw artifacts from an early homestead among the bones. This artifact was made in a style that was most common between 9,000 and 5,000 years ago and it raised the possibility that this man might be from a much earlier time. You sent a sample of bone out for radiocarbon dating and learned that Kennewick Man was nearly 9,500 years old. Exhilaration at being involved in the discovery of one of the most complete early human fossils yet found in the Americas. I was, and may still be, under investigation by the FBI as a result. I know you're sympathetic to the plight of American Indians and have been instrumental in seeing some of their ancestors reburied. In the other cases you refer to, in which I assisted with reburial efforts, the skeletons were much more recent and could be linked directly with modern-day tribes.The scientists want to figure out how chemical, biological and geological processes, as well as human actions, have altered Kennewick Man's skeleton since he died.