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i Tunes has fast become the most popular software for organizing and playing music on our computers.It does a fantastic job with organisation, however it can be a little bit complex when it comes to actually finding the files on your computer if it hasn’t been set up correctly.For most users, i Tunes does a great job of handling all of the details of managing your media library for you, allowing you to manage your content through i Tunes itself and not having to worry too much about the underlying files and folders that make up your i Tunes library.Unfortunately, this user-friendly approach has one serious limitation: When it comes time to move your i Tunes library, it can often be a bit of a challenge to figure out exactly what pieces you need to move and how to go about doing this.

How do I get these songs in my Current i Tunes Library?To change the encoding settings, i Tunes Setting: Custom.These settings would be best for Serato users: Stereo Bit Rate: 320 kbps Besides the encoder and it's settings, the other option which simplifies importing CDs is the second check box: "Automatically retrieve CD track names from internet".Neither of these situations are at all uncommon, and fortunately it’s really not all that difficult to relocate your i Tunes library to another hard drive or move it to a whole new computer once you understand the basics of how i Tunes manages your media content and the options available to you.This tutorial is intended for both the average and slightly advanced i Tunes user and will provide the necessary information that you need to know about transferring your i Tunes library onto an external hard drive, a secondary internal hard drive, or a whole new computer.Desktop, My Documents, Downloads) could potentially be accessible in your i Tunes Library.