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For many centuries, several hundreds of thousands of Jews lived in the entire region of what was once called Bessarabia, a territory whose borders broadly correspond to contemporary Moldova.

There have been episodes of antisemitism during the past few years, but overall we are well respected.

With a population of around half a million residents, Chisinau is Moldova's most economically prosperous city.

Home to many large companies, including television networks, radio stations, and major newspapers, it also boasts the Cinema Patria, modern shopping malls (such as Malldova and Megapolis), a number of quality retailers, and many local bazaars. Chisinau has a continental climate, with hot, dry summers and cooler winters.

Since its inception, CIP has managed around 250 bilateral projects.

CIP provides managerial, technical, financial and legal assistanceto members of Moldovan scientific community, as well as for Moldovan Diaspora members, including consulting activities, seminars, trainingsand other activities in the framework of international and bilateral projects.