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The larger bump cams have optional spring return kits, including nitrogen.Engineering solid model files and 2D CAD files for IEM Bump Cams are available for download.This method is used for less temperature sensitive items such as lab ware and animal health products, bulky and/or heavy items The epithelial cell adhesion molecule Ep-CAM, which is also designated tumor-associated calcium signal transducer 1 and MK-1, is a monomeric membrane glycoprotein that is expressed in most normal human epithelium and carcinomas.The human Ep-CAM gene encodes a 314 amino acid protein that is expressed as two forms, a major form and a minor form, which are reduced upon treatment with the amino-glycosylation inhibitor tunicamycin.Every item is shipped based on the best shipping method assessed for the temperature requirements of that specific item.Items are grouped and shipped together whenever possible, and a separate shipping charge will be included for each shipping method required.

Ep-CAM contains an extracellular domain containing two epidermal growth factor-like repeats, followed by a cysteine poor region, which is necessary for the adhesion properties of the molecule. The use of mouse monoclonal antibodies with mouse samples is very common and typically poses no problem.

If you are using a different AVer document camera than those listed above, a software upgrade purchase of only .99 will allow you to enable Sphere2's Class feature. The Class Send (for Students) app is installed separately onto your student's devices, and can be downloaded free at this Class Send download site.

Keys to your Kingdom - using Class Send To take full advantage of Sphere2's Class Student Engagement capabilities, the Class Send free app should be installed on students' 1 to 1 i Pad/Android/Windows tablets, Chromebooks or PC/Mac Notebook computers.

The bump cam turns vertical press stroke to horizontal work stroke, and is known for the advantage of interchangeable components.

Designed with a compact footprint, it is favored for saving important die space.