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The question of maintaining be it Black or white or chartreuse — probably needs to become a thing of the past, but that statement is coming from someone who has been accused of taking a good Black man from a Black woman.I think we are all in one big melting pot, and the colors are coming out just fine.The original article dates back to 2009 so it’s not exactly fresh, but I think it’s still valid.The chart below shows how likely you will be to get replies from girls based on race. They are particularly popular with Indian, Asian, Latin and white women.All the data presented in this article are based on user behaviours and responses to questionnaires on Ok Cupid, a popular (but not the most popular) dating site in the US.So, before reading this, please keep in mind that the majority of the users of Ok Cupid are US based.Last week we asked our audience, “Is it OK to have a racial preference in dating?

It could be race and religion and regional identity. Having a racial preference becomes a problem when you won’t even consider dating someone because of their race. I am a 24-year-old first-generation Nigerian American.

Asian men get the fewest messages and the worst ratings of any group of guys.

Here are some more interesting facts: The theory behind calling it sexual racism is that if someone is specifically prioritizing or penalizing others solely on the basis of their race, then it just reinforces racial hierarchy and stereotypes.

On gay dating apps like Grindr and Scruff, some men post blunt and often offensive disclaimers on their profiles such as “no oldies,” “no fems,” and “no fatties.” Among the most ubiquitous are racial disclaimers like “no blacks” and “no Asians,” which are most frequently posted by white men but, as Edwards’s case proves, not always.

Sometimes, men even use foods as metaphors for entire ethnic groups: “No rice” to deter Asian men, “no spice” to keep the Latinos away, and “no curry” to tell Indians they don’t have a shot. ” Others have argued that it is impossible to separate the language of so-called sexual racism from racism in other spheres of life. Though the study focuses on gay and bisexual men looking for male partners, the researchers aren’t suggesting that gay or bisexual men engage in more racial discrimination than their heterosexual counterparts or lesbians for that matter.