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Pearson also conceded Ms Ward was not handed any documentation before her internal disciplinary meeting.

He was alleged to have ‘ambushed her’ with fresh allegations during that meeting, something he denies.

“I said to Adam: 'As much as I like Neil and fans love him, I do understand in football teams managers come and go,'” Gandall told the court. The Lucys of this world don’t come and go.'” Pearson's answer was that: ‘Mr Cellino sees them as a pair.’” Ward said that she had heard this suggestion when she attended a disciplinary hearing but did not expect Pearson, the former Derby County and Hull City chief executive, to act on the Italian owner’s wishes.

She said: “Some of the accounts were awful, distressing, but I think what struck us was not so much the personal accounts, but that all the problems getting access to help are so entrenched.”The study found that disabled girls and women were particularly vulnerable to abuse by carers and partners because of their isolation and physical incapacity.

It was positive publicity for the club,” she told the court. Their barrister, Lucy Bairstow, said Pearson told her that she had failed to secure the “appropriate authorisation” to leave to join the commentary team because she had only asked her immediate boss.

But Ward argues that her absence due to her work for the BBC was an excuse to sack her, for the Italian owner.

Roughly half of disabled women are thought to suffer abuse at some point in their lives, double the estimated average In many cases, victims relied on their abusers to get around or depended on them to provide medication.

Leeds woman Adele, 34, told the researchers how she experienced abuse from her carer and partner over almost a decade: “He would purposefully give me the strongest painkillers when my friends were coming, and they couldn’t come then because I was asleep.